Do not be deceived by companies promising that any teacher can pick up a text book and train competent pilots or employees with the right skills for the job market. Advanced Aerial Education understands that in this rapidly changing service sector, that all industries have a use for a pilot on staff, and the best pilots are trained by the best instructors.

Curriculum Familiarzation

Our focus is to empower the teacher to create those pilots. Instructor training is an intense, in-person course, which introduces and trains the instructor in the curriculum and materials as well as prepares them to be licensed and legal to fly the vehicles they are training their students to fly. Not only does it prepare them to utilize the many AAE programs of study, but our instructor training is also accepted as a 500 level professional development credit by many universities.


Our instructors not only have the knowledge necessary to lead students to their AAE industry certification, but also receive training and confidence in running flight lines, assessing flight skills, and trouble-shooting aircraft challenges. When AAE Certified instructors leave our training grounds, they leave with knowledge, confidence, licensure, and a full team of pilots, engineers, and educators as an ongoing community of support and professional development.