The Federal Aviation Administration released the Part 107 in August, 2016, in response to federal pressure to regulate the commercial use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems in the National Airspace System. Since that time, thousands of people have purchased photography-grade vehicles, downloaded a study application on their phones and passed the Part 107 knowledge exam after multiple attempts with barely passing scores.

To Advanced Aerial Education and our industry partners, this translated into a large amount of untrained, low-skill operators cluttering the sky with unprofessional and uneducated flight practices. In response to this, our industry and safety partners developed the Advanced Aerial Education Pilot Certification.


Not only does our certification show that pilots have the knowledge to succeed in the operator’s exam, but it also shows that these pilots have met the rigorous safety and piloting standards set by AAE and our partners. The FAA has signaled the tightening of sUAS regulation due to the massive influx of uneducated operators. AAE stands proud to offer certification that produces skilled, safe, and socially-aware operators in the National Airspace System.