Celebrating One Million

Registration Hits a Milestone


Another holiday season has passed. Like many other families, we are beginning to find the cookies we had hidden from the kids and we are throwing them away, lest we eat the sugar we so readily deny our children. Students are back at school, wondering if they can hold their breath until Spring Break, that wonderful time out of the clutches of school when they can get out in the warming air and play with their brand new present. That’s right, folks; it’s drone season. […]

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Walker High School

Our Pit Stop in Louisiana 

On our way to the ACTE CareerTech Vision conference in Nashville, Tennessee, we decided to take the opportunity to visit our good friends, Steve Johnson and Jason St. Pierre, at Walker High School.[…]

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New Website!

Have a look around

Welcome to our new (ish) website! We have added a couple features and moved some stuff around to allow visitors of the site to navigate more efficiently and find the information that is important to them. The first thing you’ll notice is a new navigation menu that allows visitors to jump around the site quicker. We have created individual pages that speak to important aspects of our program that separate what were doing and what other competing programs offer.[…]

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