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Advanced Aerial Education is a dedicated team of pilots, UAS operators, engineers, Emmy-winning videographers, and award-winning educators with over fifty years of combined education and flight experience. Our programs have been successfully implemented in private companies, government agencies, and educational institutions.


We recognized that the commercial uses for unmanned systems were growing exponentially faster than the training and licensing of professional and knowledgeable operators. We also witnessed too many programs that promised preparation for the FAA Part 107 without properly training pilots how to fly or manage the intricacies of robust unmanned systems. We combined our varied experiences to create something better, respected, and far more valuable to your students, employees, and our industry.

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We will provide you with instructor training and customized learning management system modules to fit the educational and training needs of your company or education pathways. We maintain the dedication to ensure your students and employees meet the needs of an increasingly growing sector of our economy as leaders in the professional UAS community. Contact us when you are ready to take your program to the skies.

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