Teacher Professional Development


As with most new technology, education plays a vital role in ensuring the most efficient use and the safest of practices. Our customizable training programs and curricula cover all aspects needed to safely and correctly pilot a UAS for commercial use in multiple industries. As the predicted tens of thousands of jobs open over the next decade, Advanced Aerial Education stands ready to provide you with updated, cutting edge learning management systems and instructor training in all of our UAS curriculum.

Career Pathways

The current and predicted commercial uses of Unmanned Aerial Systems grows exponentially on nearly a daily basis. Every technology-based pathway you offer your students has a place for UAS and we have a curriculum for every pathway. Our initial certification module is only the beginning. We have follow-up modules to prepare your licensed UAS operators for careers leading in motion picture, infrastructure inspection, volumetric data collection and analysis, UAS design, manufacturing, and repair, and many more. Advanced Aerial Education will customize our learning management systems to fit easily into your current career pathways as well as serve as a springboard into paths you have been waiting to forge.

AAE Certification

FAA Part 107 Prep

Advanced Aerial Education’s instructor preparation and learning management systems offer your students and employees not only complete and rigorous preparation for their FAA Part 107 Commercial Operator’s License, but also the endorsement of leading Airmen Associations that graduates of your AAE program meet their highest standards in safety, responsibility, knowledge, and flight skills. Our program is the first of its kind whose goal is to build a strong, respectable workforce who are licensed and ready to take their place in every industry that will be affected by UAS technologies.


Are you considering the addition of Unmanned Aerial Systems to your students’ experience or company’s workforce capabilities, but don’t know how to get started? Let Advanced Aerial Education’s award-winning pilots and educators help you navigate the regulations and pitfalls that too many schools and businesses have already endured. Our team knows every aspect of creating robust programs not only because we have the experience, but also because many of those very regulations were created based upon our experiences in the field and in the classroom. We take pride in leading the way to build a professional and dependably responsible UAS operating community.